This #RetinolCream is AMAZING!!!!! I will admit I was skeptical. Anti-aging, wrinkle reducing products don’t do much usually and are expensive. I received it on Friday. I used it that night. I felt a slight change in my skin. After a few minutes I saw lines and wrinkles softening . Hmmm, probably my imagination! The next morning, my skin still looked better. I applied again and as the day wore on, I was simply amazed at the changes to my face. I didn’t use it Saturday night, but when I awoke, my lines were still diminished & softened.

This facial moisturizer arrived very fast came in perfect condition. The container has a cap that you just push down so that makes it easy and mess free you don’t have to stick dirty fingers in the tub the cream itself doesn’t really smell like much it just smells like lotion doesn’t have a strong sent to it.  Very happy with my purchase .

New York Biology Improved Formula Retinol Cream available from Amazon at:

Disclaimer I did recieve this item at a discounted price but my review is an honest review


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