This Set of 2 Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Okay Colander, Very Affordable

This #TedGemCollapsibleColandersSet are Well Constructed and Great for So Many Different Uses!

I have to say they are okay. Nothing special. While I appreciate the fact that it is a space saver I think the bottom is too close to the sink. Meaning that if your pouring cooked food in the bowl too fast and your sink is too small the water kind of backs right back into the dish. which isn’t that nice. I would rather it be lifted up from the surface a little more. With that said the quality is really good and that it still does the job with care. I also like the option of being able to hang them with the hole that is provide on the rim.

This would be a nice house warming piece for people moving into small spaces.
I really appreciate that the Handles Stay Cool and the Colanders Hold Their Shape when straining hot foods.
There is a Soft Silicone Ring on the Bottom of Each Strainer to Protect the Counter Top, however, the rings are Not very deep (less than 1/8″),
so if placing the strainer in the sink, rather than holding it by the handles while straining, the liquids most likely will Not completely drain off your food.
As these strainers do Not offer any side openings, it may take a bit longer to drain off the liquid, but if you Hold the Strainer Above the Sink, the liquid Will indeed Completely Drain Off whatever is inside.

The Holes in the Straining Area measure 1/8″ and the Bottom of Each Strainer offers 6 circles of holes.  They Stack for Storage whether Left Opened or Compacted, which for me is a bonus, as I do not have a lot of cabinet space in my small villa.
I do not own a dishwasher, so I cannot speak to as how well they hold up in when washed in one, however, they are Easy to Clean by Hand with a soapy sponge and hot water rinse.
I received my set of 2 Collapsible Silicone Kitchen Strainers at a reduced cost in exchange for testing and review.


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