So nice to finally be in control of all those unruly cords!

Product Review – #Onme

In this day and age, nobody escapes “cable clutter”, and these velcro cable ties have proved a very simple and effective way to keep my cables in order. For instance, I’m looking at my bedroom tv as I type this review. I’ve got the tv’s power cord, the satellite receiver with 3 cords, the cable modem and router with multiple cords, then a Chromecast and an iShare each with their cords. And that’s just one of the many “multi-corded” areas in my home. These ties are easy to use, hold where they’re told to hold, and make simple work of attacking the chaos.

Each fastener is 6″ and 8″ long and composed of velcro hook on one side and velcro loop on the other. A squared head contains an eyelet for use in getting the fastener very tight if desired. Factor in that an order includes 50 fasteners and you realize that you have a lot of room to really customize the job you want to do with the cables in each area. The fasteners are strong enough to hold coiled cable fast, and to hold multiple cables together. By their design, multiple fasteners could also be hooked together for a job that requires more length. With little work, cables can be organized, held out of the way, and really, be almost invisible.


Perhaps what I love most about these is how easy they are to re-use. For instance, if you’re using zip-ties, and you don’t like the result, you have to cut them off, and start over again. With these, its as simple as one pull and you don’t lose any inventory in the process.

Getting 50 fasteners in one order makes these guys a steal. I was lucky enough to receive them at a discount. There isn’t a better way to declutter the entertainment center, the desktop, or the charging stations. These would even work well in the kitchen on appliances with unnecessarily long cord lengths, and they could have multiple uses in the garage or shop in holding cables fast or even storing tools or other items.


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