This is a great set of full size tweezers

#ONMEStainlessSteelTweezersSet Product Review

Very good quality tweezers. They came in a somewhat sturdy flexible case, although they were a bit difficult to get it. Either the case needs to stretch a little, or I’ll probably just not be using it .

They feel very solid. Nothing flimsy about these tweezers. The tips meet nice and evenly at the tips, as they’re supposed to. The grip is strong and tight. Unless I lose them, these will be around for a while.

The only con is that the tips are flat and thick on the straight and the angled tweezers. So if you’re tweezing close to your brows or need to get in somewhere that requires a thin, precise angle like a splinter, these won’t work that well.

I purchased these tweezers at a discounted rate in exchange for an HONEST and UNBIASED review. If I feel a product does bit deserve 5 stars, it doesn’t get it, regardless of what they sold it to me for. If this review was helpful, please give me a thumbs up!


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