Great product that preforms to store brands that cost so much more!

Good set of #AerostarAirFilters for the money. Our furnace is not a high quality/high efficiency model, so we cannot get a thicker filters with higher Merv ratings. But these shipped quickly and seem to do a very good job at limiting the dust in our home.

I have bought numerous different air filters for my house without ever really doing my research on what I am actually buying.

MERV 5 – 8
Most commercial applications and better residential buildings

75%-85% of all particles in your air would be trapped in the filter. You can also going higher MERV ratings which will increase particle collection. The MERV rating goes up to MERV16 which traps 95% of airborne particles.

These filters are perfect for residential use. Hope this helps a little bit to better understand these acronyms and what filter is best because I had no clue until doing a little research. Also the filters edge is easy to bend, thus I warn to be very gently when installing. I would start with one sides edges first. Get them in place tightly against the vent frame then fit the other side in. If the correct dimensions were ordered the fit should be easy, fast, and without any damage to the filter itself.

Disclaimer. I received this product with a discount to give my honest review about this specific product. I was not influenced by the seller to write a good a review, but rather I gave my honest review.



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