I Love the Flip Flops!


These are great sandals and get better and better as you wear them!

These simple shoes are so rugged, so comfortable (in a simple way… not supple but you can stand them for a very long time), and effective. If they ever stop making them. They’re as good as sandals can get. nice tag it included in the shape of a gecko.

– Perfect size based on the shoes.
– A nice selection of very nice colors and designs.


The potential benefits as the bumps can massage your pressure points to increase blood flow. If you have chronic feet pain; please console with your doctor/podiatrist prior to wearing it.
It may take 2-4 days to start contouring to your feet. The first day can be a bit uneasy but I’m going on day 2-3 and I can see the bumps starting to adjust to my feet and it being a lot more comfortable.

Overall; I really like these scandals for the combination of their design, material, sustainable production practices, and potential health benefits.

I received this product with a discount to give my honest review about this specific product. I was not influenced by the seller to write a good a review, but rather I gave my honest review.


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