From “home-made” to “artisan”

#promotion This 10″Banneton is the perfect size to make a round loaf of bread that takes about 4 1/2 – 5 cups of white flour (or less). I have lazily only made a slightly modified version of the “no knead” bread recipe in it to try it out, but the cool spirals around the outside of the loaf made that no-knead loaf look quite uptown!

This banneton basket is tightly wrapped with very few gaps. The reed on these is usually joined together in a few places by metal staples or small nails, and I wasn’t able to spot any of those — perfect. Also, there were no rough spots or splinters anywhere on the form, inside or out. Some banneton baskets will be sold as “naturally rough.” That’s not fun when you’re flouring the inside thoroughly with your fingers!

One tip to try: “flour” the basket with cornmeal instead of bread flour or AP flour. Sprinkle some on top of the loaf before removing it from the form, too. You can put your baking sheet on top of the form, and flip the whole thing over.

Do I recommend this item? Yes
Is it giftable? Yes

This item was provided to me at no cost in return for writing this unbiased review.


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