Great multi-purpose charger that is sturdy and strong.

I love using this #JASTEKCABLES charger for its multipurpose use factor. In particular I’ve used this to charge my phone portable out and about through a portable power pack. I also use this as a way to charge my phone from my wall charger as well. The black material is sturdy and the head clips are strong and durable. I am not worried about them snapping off or bending.

I particularly like how there is a big grip at the base where all of the cords come off of, I have a similar one to this and it works a bit differently in that one is exposed on one end, with a bunch on the other. This is a better design in that hard loop at the end allows it to be hooked to a bag or purse on the outside or inside on a clip for quick use and the ability to find it faster.

The only improvement I could see it having and that I think it would serve a greater purpose is if there were an old iPhone 4 style charger on it as well. I say this because it would truly become multipurpose and charge all of my technology if that was on it as well.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


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