Very Nice Product To Have For Any Vehicle

This #trashpod is really useful accessory to have in any car especially when going on long trips or going to take care of errands. People are always on the go and needing to eat or buy anything that will clutter the car if there is no place to throw away trash. When I am out with friends or family, I’m usually getting something to drink on the way home from errands or just having fun. With most restaurants, straws have papers around them and if there is no where to put the straw paper, it usually ends up on the floor. However, when I was able to try out this Waterproof Car Trash Can from AVAROE, I really was surprise on how neat this product really was. This is really an easy trash can to attach to the back of either the driver or the passenger seat.

There is a very easy adjustable strap on the trash can that can be easily snapped together so it won’t fall off. The trash can, itself, is made out of high quality material and if there is anything that spills into the trash can, it can be easily wiped out without staining since of it being waterproof. The lining in the trashcan really does make a difference with any liquid spilling into it. The liquid will end up in the trashcan and not in the floorboard in the back seat. It’s really a great size and not bulky either. There should be no trouble for anyone in the backseat to have enough room to move around especially with their legs. This will definitely keep my family’s car looking like new especially in the floor boards. I will be definitely recommending this to a friend of mine since he usually throws trash in the floor boards all the time since of not having access to a trashcan around town.

I recommend this to anyone who loves to have a clean vehicle at all times. I got this product for free or at a heavy discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.


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