Exactly what I was looking for!

I love this car #leaderaccessories seat covers because it is made of a nice smooth material which is breathable. This is very important especially in the summer time.  When I opened the package, I was immediately overwhelmed with all of the different pieces. It was tough to figure out what was supposed to go where, so I took it all out to my car, checked out the instructions, and got to work. I started with the back seat. I figured that would be the toughest to install and fit properly, and I wasn’t incorrect. The instructions say to pull up or completely remove the seat bottom to ensure a perfect fit…I almost gave up then and there, because I don’t believe that I could put the seat back on properly if I removed it. It’s just not an option in my older car. But the edges of my seat pulled up just well enough for me to get a good fit and hook the elastic strips together. I had to cut holes for the seat belt buckles, which was a little frustrating, but it makes sense, because of all of the different types of seats.
I didn’t have to do any unzipping or anything to put the backrest portion of the back seat cover on, thanks to the fact that I have a pretty standard seat for a car, so I just pulled it down like I do to access the trunk and worked the straps into the crack until I could get them to click together, tightened them, then tightened all of the little elastic straps. Both the cover for the seat bottom and back actually fit well, and give the back seat of my car a whole new look.

The front seat covers were a bit easier than the back, with no cutting necessary (I just pulled the headrest covers off, rather than cutting them, and they came away easily). Once I pulled the flap through the back like the instructions said, they looked nice and tight-fitting, like they were made specifically for my car. The steering wheel cover wasn’t too tough to convince onto the wheel, and the seat belt covers are padded nicely, with strong velcro. Overall, I’m really pleased with this set.

I purchased this set at a discount in exchange for an honest review, and the thoughts in this review are my own.



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