Great pair of no show socks!


I got these for me. I wear 9 – 9 1/2 in women’s shoe size. I really liked them so far.  The sew line across the toe is just perfect. It is almost un-noticeable. They stayed on and didn’t slip at all. I think if I had a bigger shoe size these would also work I like my socks to be a little bigger. I like that it came in a 5 pack. I haven’t noticed my canvas shoes smelling either so that is a BIG plus. They fit perfectly and are completely invisible. I’ve been walking around and they’re staying put. hey are indeed comfortable and did not slip off my heel and travel down my foot. They are the thickness I was looking for…not real shear/thin but not as thick as low-heel athletic socks.

I have been an Amazon customer for many years, and customer reviews are the major deciding factor in most of my online shopping purchases & transactions. I am well aware of the importance of customer feedback, I try to provide user reviews that are thoughtful, honest, unbiased, fair, and truthful, whether my experience with the product in question has been positive, negative, or anywhere in between. I believe customer feedback of this kind is invaluable in assisting other customers to make an informed decision about purchasing any product.
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I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest & unbiased review, which I have done my very best to provide


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