Really unique & whimsical solar lights!

These #HOMEME_LIGHT are just so unique & really add a great touch of color & character! We are in the process of redoing our patio/backyard/pool area & I have been going out of my way to make it special & “fun” for our toddler. These colorful “raindrop” lights are perfect. I love that they are solar powered, so they can be placed anywhere in the yard or on the patio without the worry of electric sockets being near or even worrying with the cords for power other than the one to the solar stake.

They are very well made, not at all delicate or breakable. I was worried when I first ordered them that they’d be easy to break or get damaged by the weather, but that is so not the case. These are solid. Each “droplet” is about 3″ long & there are 30 of them. The length of the lights is 23feet with a 5 foot lead of cord from the solar stake to the first light, giving you ample room to string it around a pole, etc.

The colors are bright & fun & add a bit of whimsy. Exactly what I was hoping for! There are 8 mode settings, and an on/off switch. Once charged (depending on whether the day is cloudy, sunny, etc.) the lights last a good 8 hours. I am ordering a set for inside my daughter’s room. This one worked fine with the solar panel in the window, so she’ll love it!


Well made, not delicate, will last through weather
3″ “droplet” lights in multi-color add a unique bit of character & whimsy to wherever you put them, inside or out (I put the solar panel in my daughter’s window)
50 lights, on a 23 foot cord ~ there is a 5 foot lead of lightless cord from the solar stake to the 1st light to allow you to position it how you like
Once charged (depending on weather) they last a good solid 6-8 hours
8 Modes ~Combination, Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo,Chasing/Flash, Slow fade, Twinkle/Flash and Steady on
There is an on/off switch, as well

CONS: Colors appear a little different than in the product pic. The multi colored are more primary colors than pinks, purples, golds, etc.

I just love these. We will be ordering more because they really add a great touch to the yard & children’s rooms! I definitely recommend them. Very unique!

Sample received for my testing, evaluation & assessment and honest, unbiased review. My review & opinions are solely based on my & my family’s personal use of & experience with these lights.


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