It worked!

#OnmeCallusRemoverFootFileScraper – What a Godsend! (Please read on how to use this.)

Since I can remember (I’m 34) my heels have always been a lizard-like scaly mess because of living in flip flops and going barefoot while at home. I would get a pedicure about once every few months and would always have to pay extra for them to scrape the layers of dead skin off — it was always embarrassing because the lady would show me the brown pile of gunk on her towel that came off my feet. My heels also had deep scales that would catch on my sheets and wake me up at night. My feet looked like “grandma feet.” No offense to grandmas…it’s just my grandma had feet that would give me nightmares when I was little. 😦

I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and my heels have never been this smooth and baby soft since, probably, I was a baby — even after my pedicures. Seriously. The reviews are not exaggerating about how incredible this product is. My routine with this is every few nights before I go to bed I sit in the bathroom where the lighting is bright and scrape my heels wherever they might be starting to get rough. I need the lighting because I get odd pleasure in seeing the powder dust flying off my feet while scraping.

When I FIRST used this I didn’t think it was working because I was in a more dimly lit room and did not see anything coming off my heels but noticed they were feeling much better. (I had expected to see the gunky mess seen at my pedicure.) But because you use this dry, the skin scrapes off into a fine powder. Afterwards, I rub a mixture of lotion and a small squirt of glycerin on my feet and go to bed. When I wake up my heels feel like kitten or puppy piggies. INCONCEIVABLE! Never would I have thought I could use this description for my heels. Hallelujah!

I have given this at a discount to review and provide my honest opinion.


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