High Quality, Versatile and Easy To Use

#willowandeverett – I have been wanting to learn how to make pour over coffee for about a year now. I discovered this method and it fascinated me. I had no idea that coffee could be made by pouring hot water through a strainer. I was accustomed to either making coffee with my espresso maker or with my french press.
I came across this gooseneck kettle and decided to give it a try. The kettle came well packaged and protected in its retail packaging. It is constructed well, especially where the gooseneck meets the kettle….no seams. The kettle is polished and shiny. I LOVE that it’s all stainless steel inside. I feel safer knowing that my water is boiling in a stainless kettle versus plastic kettles that are out these. Two thumbs up on that one!
The lid on the kettle has three small vent holes that allow you to pour with ease. The water flows out of the kettle smoothly without any gurgling. The spout on the kettle pours cleanly without any drips.

The stainless steel filter is double walled and has a soft feel on the inside. It drains well and cleans up easily. It fits well in the stand that is included. The stand is stable without any wobbling.
The kettle heated up the water to boiling within two minutes just as it states in its instructional sheet. The kettle can be used to heat water for any use. I have it available to make hot cocoa and tea. It comes with a small thin plastic base to set it upon. The cord is easily curled around the underside of the base for easy of storage. The only suggestion that I would make for improvement is to make the base slightly heavier by using a little more plastic.
My experience of using this kettle was uncomplicated and easy. I feel that this kettle is of great quality and a good value. I appreciate the high quality craftsmanship on the kettle.
I received this discounted product in exchange for my review and I am clearly and conspicuously disclosing this fact.



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