Great knives, not so great holding device.

#promotion – These knives are often used in commercial kitchens and in culinary schools. They have excellent ergonomics, you can cut all day with these and not get too much fatigue. The steel they use is excellent quality the same steel that is used by Wusthof and Henkels in their premier (not H& W’s low level consumer) lines. The steel takes an excellent edge and holds it well.

There ARE better quality knives, but not unless you spend at LEAST twice as much.

I own these blades, but mine are in a knife roll, not in the glass block, but my instructor had the glass block on her desk. It is solid (tempered glass for safety) and attractive. It won’t shift around so it is safe and would look great on a kitchen counter.

I’m not as enthusiastic about the block. It seems a tad unstable, and it’s a bad match for tile countertops, if you happen to have those. The style may not fit in your kitchen, either. If you like the style, it looks great, and the knives don’t hit the slots, which helps maintain their edge. But I find it seems easier to tip than most blocks, especially since the vertical orientation means you have to lift straight up. The vertical orientation may also be an issue with cabinet clearance, too.

However, I think the price is awesome for the knives alone, and the block is an extra. Disclaimer, I received this set at a discount.


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