Highest Quality Trim Removal kit you can buy on the market

Solid tool kit from #tcpglobal I received at a discount;  My only disappointment is that I did not discover these tools years ago. I’ve done many car electronics installations, mostly using my hands to pull off panels but sometimes using a large flathead screwdriver. Yes, I scratched some plastic, but most of the problem was the lost time trying to avoid marring the surface. With these plastic tools you never have to worry about marking things up. You can go full speed.

I’ve only done one job with them so far and, much to my surprise, I used about half the tools. I look forward to using the rest in the near future. The pointy tool is especially good with those annoying plastic rivets. This is the first time I’ve gotten them all out without damaging a single one.

The carrying case is a little larger and tougher than I expected. It’s a bit over engineered in my opinion. The only tool that’s really missing is a long pry bar with a plastic tip. That wouldn’t fit in a pouch of course, I really expected that I would break one or two of the tools before getting done with one job. Their strong, but they do bend, and then slowly go back into shape. I can’t believe there is still a sharp tip on my favorite piece!

Overall a good and attractive kit in a useful storage case for a reasonable price.



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