That’s some quality oil

Tea Tree Oil from #brooklynbotany – I love essential oils which is the reason I have bought this tea tress oil from #brooklynbotany.  I always keep essential oils at home as spare for my unexpected need. The quality and strength of this oils is great as it is quite effective, I have been using this particular product since a month not regularly but as per my need. I have noticed immediate result after using, I have used it in humidifier by adding 2 drops in a litter of water some time I use it as a diffuser too. I usually use these when my baby got sick with cold, flu and rashes on skin. These are the best alternative to treat blocking nose. The scent is great, it just like as I have expected. I have used these oils for many things, for headache, acne relief, for dandruff add few drops in the shampoo or conditioner, massage and aromatherapy and I frequently used this as insect repellent too, especially when we sit on the back yard. Another great feature about the products is, these are Non-toxin, also seller claimed that it has no additives so for my point it is safe to use especially for kids, this is also pure and raw oil as it is unfiltered and undiluted, so we can dilute according to our need.
I bought this item for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review, I have written whatever I have noticed.



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