Thumbs Up

I got this pull up bar from #gosportit at a discount, it arrived at a reasonable time.
My doorway is 32 inches wide.  My trim was 3 inches.

1.) The product could be assembled quickly with no issues at all (instruction manual is included alongside all of the necessary parts). The parts were all in good condition (no rust, weird smells, etc.)
2.) The pull-up bar fit snugly on my door and I could perform the exercises with no issue.

However, the bar placed a decent amount of stress on my frame and left marks.
My personal solution was the use of socks. I taped socks along the parts of the bar that touched my doorframe. The socks would cushion the bar and prevent further marks from developing.

I would personally recommend this product to those who are willing to purchase a cheap chin-up/pull-up bar that allows you to perform a decent amount of exercises.

Tip: Be absolutely sure you measure the space above your door trim. You need a few inches of space above it.



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