Close Shave and Comfy on his face

Product Review – #daveocean33 Grand Father Safety Razor Butterfly Door

For a long time my husband and I have been trying to decide on a razor that works well for him. He like to shave daily. He’s also young and still has blemishes here and there often getting caught in disposable razors. We have tried everything from 2 to 5 blade razors, disposable to electric, Shick/Bic and Gillette. I have couponed and stockpiled razors for months trying to get ahead of his needs, anticipate which he wanted, etc.

Within the last few months I decided we would get a subscription to the dollar men’s shave club. That got postponed, because he found a different subscription to try involving a double edge razor, we decided we’d look into it and found out it was expensive and we could do our own shopping much cheaper. I mean, he’d never used a DE razor before, what if all that money was a waste? Luckily, as he was down to his last 2 disposable razors in the box, we found this Parker New 99R Double edge safety razor set. He has never loved a razor more than this one, I honestly think we have a winner.

He said it was comfy on his face, didn’t hurt, and was easy to use. He’s normally a very critical person, so for him to literally have nothing negative to say about this razor, is actually a huge deal. He is also getting a really good close shave as well-I can personally vouch for that, no more stubble at lunch time. This double edge razor set may have just changed everything while significantly trimming our budgets as well. He was only getting 1 or 2 shaves with a disposable razor, and he’s gotten twice as much use out of just one razor right now. I am incredibly happy that this set has brought his much more stress free mornings, as well as shown less irritation on his skin after shaving. I received it at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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