Works really well!

This Bottle Koozie Keeper from #universalgleam is the best. It fits a standard 12 ounce bottle nicely. This is made of stainless steel which I have recently come to realize works very well as an insulator of hot or cold beverage. It comes with a bottle opener and it is lined in a neoprene layer that is about a half inch thick.

You unscrew the bottom section of the Koozie and slip the bottle in and put the bottom piece back on and it in there securely.  It cleans up very easily, take the bottom off and clean with soapy water. Be certain to dry the neoprene liner before you seal it it up so that there will be no mold inside. I initially thought to myself, how will this keep my bottle cold and unbreakable. Well this neoprene lining keeps it insulated and protected at the same time.

Did I mention how cold this keeps your drink? Well it does a very good job of keeping something cold. Now I have another trick for you! I put my bottle in this and then place it in the cooler on ice, When I am ready for my drink it is ice cold.

This item was provided to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I truly use and reuse every item I receive in this manner and tell you what it is that’s great or not so great about it.


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