Durable & Comfortable!

This is an amazing hammock from #liveinfinitely!  First, the hammock and the included straps all fit nicely inside the pouch. I have had hammocks before where the pouch is not attached to the actual hammock, and I always lost it. This pouch is securely attached to the hammock. The included straps are great! They wrap around trees and don’t slide down. The straps feel very durable and feel like they are made out of very good quality material. The hammock itself is very comfortable. The material is extremely soft! The size of the hammock is great! There is enough material on both sides that I can comfortably and easily roll to lay on my side. Overall and amazing hammock. I would definitely recommend!

-straps are thick and strong webbing, with thick stitches running down the length
-fabric of the hammock itself is very strong
-everything you need to set it up comes with it
-simple and quick enough to set up.  I will set it up in our front yard just to enjoy the weather and read a book, like one might lay out in a lawn chair
-lightweight enough to go on backpacking trips (her bag with all her camping gear must be within a certain percentage of her weight)
-roomy enough 2 or 3 kids could sit on it for a bench.
-very, very comfortable

-None to report

Also worth mentioning, Live Infinitely had fabulous customer support! I emailed them and they responded quickly and answered my questions.

This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


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