Works Well

These knee braces from #GYMLIFEFITNESS are study, supportive, and easily adjustable. The braces go under the knee cap to give the user additional support. To test these braces, I walked a 5K. My knees normally hurt and ache when I walk extended distances, so I figured this would be a good time to put the braces to the test.

These braces were easy to put on, stayed in place the whole walk, and offered a surprising amount of support on my walk. My knees felt cushioned and walking was not painful – at all – during my 5K. I’ve used other knee braces that enclosed the whole kneecap – the braces were itchy, did not stay in place, and were difficult to take on and off.

I look forward to using these knee braces in the future when I exercise or am on my feet for long periods of time.

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Great item, love it!

#promotion – This was just lovely, I was honestly surprised considering the price. This runner is very attractive and a nice accent for dining room furniture and fit. I use it as a runner on our family’s nature table, which is right by the table where we eat all our meals, so we see it constantly.

The material is really nice and heat resistance, It will add elegant to your dining room set. I would highly recommend these runners.

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Nice Strong Strap for Swing

This #SwingStraps is exactly what I needed to extend my swing. I hung my swing from about a 12′ high branch. Worked like a charm.

Nice strong strap
Hardware is very good quality

I like how there is a loop sewn at one end, it makes it really easy to use. Find a sturdy branch to use and place the loop over the branch and slide the carabiner end down through the loop, pull tightly, and the strap is now hanging from the tree waiting for a swing to be hung from the carabiner. The part that actually takes the most is finding the ladder to help get the strap on to the tall branch.

I received this set at a discount.

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Very sturdy and good material.

I bought this #swing to hang a super spinner swing from my backyard tree. The material is very durable and is like a seat belt material. It’s amazing and I love the sturdiness and it make me feel better knowing the swing is secure. I bought 10ft and didn’t realize I only needed the 4ft, but my brother just wrapped it around 3 times making it even sturdier. I will add more pictures. The swing held me just fine and my brother put most of his weight on it as well. Very sturdy and good material. My 6 yr old isn’t concerned with safety, but I am.

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Excellent quality

I really like these #ProSyner Professional Quality Bypass Pruning Shears.  My husband and I have a really stubborn rose bush out in the front yard that has been growing a little out of control.  I was looking for some pruning shears that we could use to fully trim the bush before the winter hits. When these arrived, I was happy that these have a very non-slip grip to them. The blades are really sharp on these and these were oiled well when they arrived. My husband was able to use these over the weekend to trim up the rose bush and it looks SO much better. These did great with cutting through the small to medium sized overgrowth on the bush and they seemed to cut through on the first attempt. My husband’s hand nor wrist wore out after using these since he didn’t have to work too hard at trimming his intended branches. These were easy to wipe clean and lock back into a close position to store them away. These are comfortable for my husband’s larger hands and my smaller hands the blade seems stronger than any of the other similar pruning shears that we have used. This was a good find and if I need to, I will post any updates here. I was (very kindly) sent this product at a discount.

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Better Than I Expected — And I Expected Great!

#ProSyner Premium Quality Nylon & Nitrile Garden Gloves available on Amazon at:

I love gardening but it was always hard for me to find gloves that would let me work and not damage the plants in the process. This gloves fit perfectly. While they keep my hands cool, they also protect them and I can use it with wet dirt without worrying my hands will get all wet too. I really love the way they feel on my hands and I think the most important thing is that they are soft enough to be gentle with the plants and roots.

Thank you!! I REALLY LOVE THEM!!

I got this gloves on a promotion in exchange for an honest review

Better than your average car charger or vehicle’s USB port.

Ok, so for this #Aulker car charger this is better than average in my opinion. I have used several varieties for comparison. I plugged up to the charger when my battery was showing 2% life remaining. With bluetooth turned off. With in 10 minutes it had bumped up to 22%. And had a consistent and timely increase till it got to 40%. Here is where I was a little let down. Between 40% and 60% it took quite a long time. I gave up at 64% because it had been an hour. So it seems it has a very good initial boost and then seemed to wane after that. The highly visible blue ring is a nice feature to indicate that it is on, and I really do like having 2 ports to plug into. Considering I only have one charge port to utilize in the front of my vehicle. Also I would like to add that plugging directly into my vehicle’s USB for charging purposes was significantly slower than this car charger. The length of the included charge cable is quite adequate as well. So it is certainly better and faster than some I have used. Or above average. I purchased this via a discount coupon. All information is unbiased and of my own perspective based on actual usage of the product.

So far so good..

I received this #digihandy “5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ” a few days (in a week) after I placed my order.  Easy to order, Excellent packing and Product came faster than expected. When I open the package, I decided to take a few pictures (Attached).

This is my second ultrasonic pest Repellers I was a bit nervous about this equipment functionality. I did try to buy two different pest Repellers, One for front yard ‘Especially for Wasps and Spiders’ and One for back yard ‘For Mice, Flys, Mosquitos and Spiders’.
After searching the internet over, very well, I came across two different products. This 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is one of them. I loved how it looked, especially I like it because there are no batteries involved.

I deployed (I mean to say it is a war room with mice) In my backyard. My house is the first house from the creek. Lots of open areas, trees and other small weed bushes are great homes for these mice. They never stop/live in their territory and the keep coming to my home. Recently Mice dug big hole on my pool edge, I am a bit worried about future cracks on pool wall (It is 20 grand pool and mice dig will hurt me in a big way). I did install this 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller in my back yard power outlet. Since last 5 days, I haven’t noticed any mouse activity. Hoping they are gone
I didn’t notice Flys, Mosquitos, Ants and Spiders in my back yard. This is one good 5 in 1 tool, easy to plug in and plug out.
I love that the night lights ‘blue’, The indicator would be auto on when plugged in.
We shall see how this spring and winter turns out with this ultrasonic pest Repeller.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend or a family member.

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Especially I will add pictures once I notice if any issues/progress with this product.

I hope this review will be helpful.

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Heavy, quality build

I really love this nozzle from #ProSyner! It was an addition to the other three I own, as I was offered the product in exchange for an honest review. I figured I had nothing to lose and as I was actually in the process of a move, it’d be fun to try out a new tool on our yard. The first thing I noticed is that this nozzle is very comfortable to hold and seems to be engineered for the human hand. It’s not just “a tip” to a hose– it’s a way to control it. This nozzle has eight different settings you can click it to, which is nice because I have a variety of plants that need to be tended to. Obviously the leafy tomato patch is going to need a different setting than my delicate patio flowers. The jet and full settings are INTENSE and reach really far and made getting bushes on the other end of the yard a breeze without having to walk over there. Changing the settings is really simple– you just need to move the front piece clockwise (or counter-clockwise, whichever is faster.)

I honestly love this thing and it without a doubt has made my gardening easier.

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Handy stool

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I am so happy with this stool from #Orgalif! I’m 5’4″ and have a three year old so between the two of us we are always needing a stool. I’ve purchased stools in the past but they’ve always been just a little too short or take up a lot of room. This is perfect for us because it’s a little taller than what I have had before and it folds up SO EASILY! My daughter has claimed it as her own. It’s light enough that she can grab the handle and carry it around the house and believe me, she does. She has found this new independence with it and now won’t let us help her wash her hands or get her snacks because, “I can reach now mommy!” She completely folds and opens it all by herself. My favorite part is that when we aren’t using it we fold it up and slide it between the fridge and the cabinets! I also have loved using it. It holds my weight and feels very sturdy.My husband even used it the other day to reach into a cabinet in the garage and came in to say that we need to get a second one to keep out there. We are obviously very happy with it!

I received this product at a discount in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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