A good product in the right circumstances, but some minor gripes

This #morningstarhome USB  power wall plate charges my iPhone 6 Plus – seems faster than the charger it came with, which is consistent with the reports that Apple ships a 1A charger with the iPhones and this charger outputs 4A.  The outlet does protrude beyond the faceplate about 1/8″ but it doesn’t bother me.

The outlet that I replaced had 5 wires attached, 2 black, 2 white, and a ground (bare). On first glance it looked like this Morningstar HomeTM USB Charger only had three screws (white, black, and ground), so for a couple minutes I was confused on how to wire this, but after reading up and looking at the wiring diagram, I saw that the white and black screw clamps on this USB plate charger accept two wires each.

Once you have it hooked up, it works like a charm – it was easily able to handle two high-draw USB items while the two normal outlets were in use. Just keep in mind that you’ll either want to place this where it is easily accessible, like on a counter, or you’ll have to run a USB cable to the spot where you will use it and secure the cable there. If that’s the case you may want to consider a USB hub or something similar instead.

I recieved this SMART High Speed USB Power Charging 15amp Wall Plate at a discount.  Available from Amazon at http://ow.ly/rVsm305IR1u


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