This is a nice set of postpartum support

This is a nice set of postpartum support from #SEXYWG. Its 3 in one. Great after giving birth and can be use also as a waist trainer.
It has 3 parts:
1. Belly belt – use this 1-7 days after giving birth and helps your stomach and muscle to go back half way to normal.
2. Waist belt – use this 1-6weeks after Caesarian. Helps to flatten belly. Relief back pain and helps the stitching healed from c-sections.
3. Pelvis belt – helps speeding up the contractions of pelvis and stretched to fit the natural curves of the body.
This product helps to speed the postpartum recovery of your body.
The belts are all very well made and durable.
Breathable and adjustable in the measurement you needed.
It is light weight and can be also wash when it gets dirty. The velcro works well to.
I use it all one time and its feels like it tighten my body and make a great posture.
Now I’m only using one for the belly.
How I wish I got this when I give birth 2 years ago. Lol its really helps a lot especially for my back.
I like this. Hopefully it will last long till i get another baby lol
I received this item for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. All words above are came from my own experienced on the product and my own opinion.

Available from Amazon at :


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