it is awesome. If any of you have a hard time …

The shirts from #RstrictGeneralRstrictandGeneralBaseBallUrbanHiphop are 100 percent soft cotton super soft.  The artistic work is flawless, the meaning of the shirt is a no brainer, it is awesome. If any of you have a hard time deciding on a shirt, get this one, you will be extremely happy with it and receive countless compliments on it

About my review and disclaimer: I always use every product prior to writing a review. I depend on customer reviews to help me make more enlightened buying decisions so I try to do my part by writing reviews on the things I buy. I know some of you may think this review is biased and over rated simply because I purchased the item at lower price than advertised. As a long-time Amazon reviewer I am sometimes offered a discount to evaluate and review a product and I will usually accept if it’s something I can use, especially if I have some expertise or experience in using similar products. I enjoy evaluating products and the discount never sways me from writing an honest and unbiased review.I will try to include photos and/or videos with my reviews, whenever time allows. All my reviews and star ratings on the items are truthful and unbiased and are based on my opinion of the product. Happy shopping!


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