Amazing lights from Salt and Water .

This #DotStone Salt water powered night light strip is a very cool string lights! It’s run by saline water or salt water alone! The red house design is very cute and it will make a prefect Christmas decor too!

This is a new way to save electricity and enjoy the colorful and fun lights indoor or outdoor! It only requires 300ml of water or 15 grams of salt to operate.

The red house as you can see on the picture is actually a liquid container where you put salt and water. The white roof is where the Power button, the light indicator, vent plug and control box are located.

To begin with, you have to put 15 grams of salt and 300ml of water inside the house container. Then close the container with the roof cover, and buckle both sides to make sure its locked. After this, you can now press the black button (power button) to turn on the lights. As simple as that! You can change the mode by pressing the power button again. It can go with 8 mode.

The red house has a great size!  The string lights is about 32ft with 100 multi-color LED lights: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. It is really bright especially at night!

I already used the straps and buckle rings to hang this cute little house indoor. I love it and my daughter loves looking at it!

The pack contains 1 string lights with 100 LEDs, 1 lifting strap, 2 buckle rings, 3 salt sealing bags (to measure amount of salt), and a user manual.

This is a very nice product and it looks petty durable. The little house is made of thick plastic while the string lights has decent quality too. I will definitely recommend this product.

I received this item at a discount, Thank you for reading.


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