Excellent! Could use a tiny improvement

This #Yosooarmsling is a good value, overall. But there is a flaw that you should be aware of and it could not come across in a picture. Any picture. The strap is padded on the top, the part that hangs on your shoulder right by your neck. BUT, where it does not have padding and could have used it, is the part of the strap that goes on your back. Since your arm is in front of you (your chest/stomach region), that means the strap does apply pressure on your back. Your arm is hanging down, but also kind of pushing forward, trust me. So the pad is fine for about 15 mins, slightly uncomfortable over the next 30, then it starts getting irritated.

There is a solution: You can apply duct tape or get some foam tape or even get the pad that goes on the belt in a kid’s car seat, and it will provide padding. Or you can think of your own solution… I’m’ sure if you think about it many ideas will come to you.

Other than that, the product DOES provide nice support for your arm, which will keep your hands from hanging uncomfortably and will keep that hand parallel to the forearm.

Available from Amazon at: http://ow.ly/T1sM3061IIN


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