Save your fingers and panels!

This kit from #tcpglobal is not complex, mostly just plastic and metal with next to no moving parts, but they do what they are designed to do. The idea of having to take off the door panels to replace the OEM speakers in my truck kept me listening to worn out speakers for way too long. I finally watched a few online videos about replacing stereos and speakers and all of the used similar tools to remove the panels and in some cases pull the stereos. It convinced me that it wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought. This kit has several items that I have not even attempted to use (design to work on something other than the Nissan Frontier), but the price was excellent and without the tools I did use I’d still be listening to old, blown speakers. If you’re planning on upgrading your sound system buy these, you may not need all of them but in terms of time saved and interior panels spared the gouges caused by using the wrong tools, they’ll be money well spent.



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