Very nice product for easily measuring oil/vinegar.

I love this oil dispenser from #coziii. I really wanted a dual oil and vinegar bottle but I saw this and loved the top of it.  I had seen these around before but never thought about getting one until now.

The bottom of the bottle is glass. It easily opens so you can pour your oil inside.  The buttons on each side are made of rubber and very soft to press.  It makes the straw suck up the oil into the spout.

In the spout there is a small measuring cup and that’s where the oil sits once it’s sucked up until your ready to pour. Theres a cap on top that you can take right off. I love the whole concept and didn’t realize it did that until I tried it.

It is s non drip press and a great oil dispenser. It’s well made and good quality and I love how the bottom is glass and not plastic. I like the design of the buttons and it’s a cool product. I would definitely recommend having one. Makes clean up so much easier when your not making a mess. I purchased this product at a discounted price.


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