I like the ability to deflate the pillow for packing

Not bad at all #YUEDGETravelPillowLuxuriouslySoftInflatableNeckPil ! I was surprised at how small and compact it was! Blowing up the pillow was easy and it’s a nice size.  The material is very nice.  Sturdy yet soft, and comfortable for your head and neck. It almost feels velvety.  The pillow also holds air really well, I haven’t experienced any deflation. The little case with the ear plugs was a nice bonus.  This pillow definitely did not disappoint.  I love how comfortable it is and doesn’t take up space in your precious backpack/bag when traveling.  Great for cars, airplanes, and any sort of long trips.  I’ll be able to bring a lot more with me now that my pillow won’t take up much space.
1) Not too bulky/large. Doesn’t feel like your neck is being suffocated when using it
2) Back is flat so it rests nicely against a seat while the inner area is U shaped to contour to your neck
3) Deflated so it is Super easy to travel with!
4) Comes ear plugs.
1) The feel of the pillow was not my favorite. That was easily solvable by just putting it inside a regular sized pillow case then putting around my neck.

My goal is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, for the benefit of other people.  This review is my own and I have personally tried the product.  I DO NOT give good reviews if it’s not deserving like many reviewers do —- I hope this review will be helpful to others.  If you find my review useful please let me know and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below and I will answer them as quickly as possible. Thank you.



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