Simple, accurate, portable.

This #EBP095LARGECUFF blood pressure monitor is great, it has a nice large display with large numbers so it’s easy to read.  I like how it has a color code on the side that shows green, yellow, orange and red.  There’s a little arrow that points to where your reading falls within the color coding which makes it easy to know if you were good, elevated, or high. I have another blood pressure cuff and used this one and then used my other one (which I know is accurate because I tested that one against my doctors blood pressure cuff) and the readings came out to be the same. So that tells me this Easy @Home blood pressure cuff is just as accurate.

The monitor came packaged very nicely with the cuff at the bottom, a carrying case to protect the monitor which was on top of the cuff. The company also included the 4 AAA batteries in the box so that was a relief because I seem to always forget to purchase batteries when I’m at the store.  I received this monitor at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and I can honestly say I’m extremely pleased with this blood pressure monitor. It’s accurate, has a nice large easy to read display and the cuff fits nicely (it’s not too small like some blood pressure cuffs). Overall I’m extremely happy with this product!


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