Great supportive pillow, very compact when folded

This Inflatable Neck Pillow Set by #dreamessentials is an affordable and portable option for those long trips full of boredom that we all endure. I am planning to have an international trip in next two months and previously when I had a trip, I had serious neck sprain since I was not able to rest my head in appropriate position in a 13 hour flight. To avoid all the pain and restriction of neck movement again, I stumbled across this product on Amazon and it looked quiet appealing to me.

First thing I liked about this is it small made it easy for me to pack this while traveling. Starting with pillow its covered with fleece material purple cover and has a zip at the top.
It only takes about two or three full breath’s to inflate fully which is great. No one wants to be sitting there on a plane blowing a mouth full of air after mouth full of air until you get dizzy. This inflates quickly and easily. There were no problems with holes or any leaks whatsoever.

Available from Amazon at:


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