Heavy, quality build

I really love this nozzle from #ProSyner! It was an addition to the other three I own, as I was offered the product in exchange for an honest review. I figured I had nothing to lose and as I was actually in the process of a move, it’d be fun to try out a new tool on our yard. The first thing I noticed is that this nozzle is very comfortable to hold and seems to be engineered for the human hand. It’s not just “a tip” to a hose– it’s a way to control it. This nozzle has eight different settings you can click it to, which is nice because I have a variety of plants that need to be tended to. Obviously the leafy tomato patch is going to need a different setting than my delicate patio flowers. The jet and full settings are INTENSE and reach really far and made getting bushes on the other end of the yard a breeze without having to walk over there. Changing the settings is really simple– you just need to move the front piece clockwise (or counter-clockwise, whichever is faster.)

I honestly love this thing and it without a doubt has made my gardening easier.

Available from Amazon from: http://amzn.to/2giK8XN





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