Better than your average car charger or vehicle’s USB port.

Ok, so for this #Aulker car charger this is better than average in my opinion. I have used several varieties for comparison. I plugged up to the charger when my battery was showing 2% life remaining. With bluetooth turned off. With in 10 minutes it had bumped up to 22%. And had a consistent and timely increase till it got to 40%. Here is where I was a little let down. Between 40% and 60% it took quite a long time. I gave up at 64% because it had been an hour. So it seems it has a very good initial boost and then seemed to wane after that. The highly visible blue ring is a nice feature to indicate that it is on, and I really do like having 2 ports to plug into. Considering I only have one charge port to utilize in the front of my vehicle. Also I would like to add that plugging directly into my vehicle’s USB for charging purposes was significantly slower than this car charger. The length of the included charge cable is quite adequate as well. So it is certainly better and faster than some I have used. Or above average. I purchased this via a discount coupon. All information is unbiased and of my own perspective based on actual usage of the product.


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