Excellent quality

I really like these #ProSyner Professional Quality Bypass Pruning Shears.  My husband and I have a really stubborn rose bush out in the front yard that has been growing a little out of control.  I was looking for some pruning shears that we could use to fully trim the bush before the winter hits. When these arrived, I was happy that these have a very non-slip grip to them. The blades are really sharp on these and these were oiled well when they arrived. My husband was able to use these over the weekend to trim up the rose bush and it looks SO much better. These did great with cutting through the small to medium sized overgrowth on the bush and they seemed to cut through on the first attempt. My husband’s hand nor wrist wore out after using these since he didn’t have to work too hard at trimming his intended branches. These were easy to wipe clean and lock back into a close position to store them away. These are comfortable for my husband’s larger hands and my smaller hands the blade seems stronger than any of the other similar pruning shears that we have used. This was a good find and if I need to, I will post any updates here. I was (very kindly) sent this product at a discount.

Available from Amazon at: http://amzn.to/2gi3wSK


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