So far so good..

I received this #digihandy “5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ” a few days (in a week) after I placed my order.  Easy to order, Excellent packing and Product came faster than expected. When I open the package, I decided to take a few pictures (Attached).

This is my second ultrasonic pest Repellers I was a bit nervous about this equipment functionality. I did try to buy two different pest Repellers, One for front yard ‘Especially for Wasps and Spiders’ and One for back yard ‘For Mice, Flys, Mosquitos and Spiders’.
After searching the internet over, very well, I came across two different products. This 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is one of them. I loved how it looked, especially I like it because there are no batteries involved.

I deployed (I mean to say it is a war room with mice) In my backyard. My house is the first house from the creek. Lots of open areas, trees and other small weed bushes are great homes for these mice. They never stop/live in their territory and the keep coming to my home. Recently Mice dug big hole on my pool edge, I am a bit worried about future cracks on pool wall (It is 20 grand pool and mice dig will hurt me in a big way). I did install this 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller in my back yard power outlet. Since last 5 days, I haven’t noticed any mouse activity. Hoping they are gone
I didn’t notice Flys, Mosquitos, Ants and Spiders in my back yard. This is one good 5 in 1 tool, easy to plug in and plug out.
I love that the night lights ‘blue’, The indicator would be auto on when plugged in.
We shall see how this spring and winter turns out with this ultrasonic pest Repeller.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend or a family member.

Please refer product disclosure for size (measurements), capacity, warranty and other questions.

All items I review are used day to day, in normal everyday settings and I will update my rating and review based on normal everyday usage if my opinion or experience changes.
Especially I will add pictures once I notice if any issues/progress with this product.

I hope this review will be helpful.

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