Amazing Clean

I received this toothbrush and set it right up. You get the base which charges the toothbrush but also houses the UV sanitizer and the brush heads. You get the toothbrush handle that can be used by multiple people using different heads. Also the toothbrush head sits inside a uv sanitizer to clean up. Lastly you get a detailed instruction manual.

This brush has 3 settings standard, soft and pulse. Standard it what it sounds like standard use. Soft is a gentle cleaning setting for those who have sensitive teeth. pulse is gentle stimulation for your gums. the UV sanitizing light comes on automatically when you shut the cover and turns off in about 6-8 minutes.

It states you need to give it 24 hours to fully charge but that will enable you to use the toothbrush for about 2 weeks of regular brushing. I know my husband and I have both been using for the last week with no problems.

this toothbrush was amazing. Nothing like any of the brushes I have used in the past. It was like I just came home from a cleaning. I love, love , love it.
I recommend anyone to get this toothbrush. It is well worth the money, and its not one of the high priced ones.

I received this brush at a discount. available from Amazon at:



Awesome knife, be careful!


I love this knife. I tried other more expensive knives and they seem to dull over a short period of time. This knife stayed sharp and work great for slicing vegetables and fruit.

The blade is obviously ceramic- the handle is a hard plastic with a rubberized coating- which makes it feel almost like silicone & helps with grip.  I sliced onions, cheese, I sliced tomatoes (so thin!). I tested the sharpness by allowing the blade to fall, very gently, onto an onion and it got stuck right in there. I’ve even used them on non-food items, which is probably a no-no but I’m pleased to report they do an awesome job cutting pipe insulation (and still slice onions so thin you can see through them afterward).

The packaging is beautiful as well,  I received this knife at a discount.

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Good Knee Wrap

This pair of #SportsKneeWraps is very nicely made.  They are for wrapping around the knees, so when I do power lifting and squatting, I have more confidence on my knees. I feel like that I can do more weights or at least my legs are more stable when I am standing up.  I like the color.  Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and it is well worth the five stars rating!

To sum up, I listed some Pros and Cons below.
1. Very well made product with quality materials.
2. The product price is very reasonable.
3. Very secure on knees

1. None so Far

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This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I am not affiliated with the company or the seller, I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. My review is 100% unbiased and honest!

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Heavenly chocolate

#BouchardChocolate are Amazing.  If it is possible to fall madly in love with a box of chocolates, then the assortment is the perfect place to start such an adventure.  When you taste these chocolates, your taste buds will also finally know true chocolate happiness. Whether you try one of these with a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy one as a daily indulgence, these will impress.

Seriously it does not get any better than this when it comes to chocolate.

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Quality control problem


I like the ease of use of this #TensUnit010! If you are going to sit in a chair and use this unit, you will like it. If you are going to clip it to your belt and walk around, be ready for an unexpected jolt from hell if you bump the rollers.

My husband’s shoulder pain is helped by the device. While my aches and pains are not muscle, but due to osteoporosis, I don’t get as much benefit, but the massage setting on my lower back sure feels good. Like having a tiny little Swedish masseuse.

Disclaimer: I received this product at discount and it is available:


Depends on what you need

Make sure you read this before buying this #headset. First off the shipment came on time, second is the most important these headphones are not for xbox one and ps4 unless you add components; let me explain everything headphones need power which the USB will provide, but there are two other wire connections along with USB that give you no room to hook up, so where one wire goes so does the next furthermore to use this properly you need a long USB extender
(Male to female) and speaker and headphones splitter, usb external with the USB goes into the xbox and the splitter hooked up to the headphone and speaker cords now you are good to go…those two item will cost an extra 15-20 bucks including shipping&handling. Third the sound quality is 5 out of 5, the noise cancellation is solid 4 out of 5, and the comfort is excellent 5 out of 5… 4 out of 5 overall, would have been 5 if I didn’t have to buy extra items

disclaimer: I received this #headset at a discount from :

Good strap set !

I really like these tendon straps from #_GYMLIFEFITNESS I received at a discount. They very comfortable and really do help. They don’t slide off or itch in any way, which is a problem I have had before. I tried them both out the day I got them, and found that I only really needed the one, so I gave the other to my brother, who has a very bad knee. He LOVES it.  I really like that they can be used for either knee. There is no “Left/Right” which is very useful. I wore mine all day yesterday (10 hours) to work in, and I noticed my knee felt pretty good after I took it off at home. It is usually much more sore.

Pretty impressed with this product and getting two in the package makes it twice as nice. If you are having any knee issues, give this a try!