Depends on what you need

Make sure you read this before buying this #headset. First off the shipment came on time, second is the most important these headphones are not for xbox one and ps4 unless you add components; let me explain everything headphones need power which the USB will provide, but there are two other wire connections along with USB that give you no room to hook up, so where one wire goes so does the next furthermore to use this properly you need a long USB extender
(Male to female) and speaker and headphones splitter, usb external with the USB goes into the xbox and the splitter hooked up to the headphone and speaker cords now you are good to go…those two item will cost an extra 15-20 bucks including shipping&handling. Third the sound quality is 5 out of 5, the noise cancellation is solid 4 out of 5, and the comfort is excellent 5 out of 5… 4 out of 5 overall, would have been 5 if I didn’t have to buy extra items

disclaimer: I received this #headset at a discount from :


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