Amazing Clean

I received this toothbrush and set it right up. You get the base which charges the toothbrush but also houses the UV sanitizer and the brush heads. You get the toothbrush handle that can be used by multiple people using different heads. Also the toothbrush head sits inside a uv sanitizer to clean up. Lastly you get a detailed instruction manual.

This brush has 3 settings standard, soft and pulse. Standard it what it sounds like standard use. Soft is a gentle cleaning setting for those who have sensitive teeth. pulse is gentle stimulation for your gums. the UV sanitizing light comes on automatically when you shut the cover and turns off in about 6-8 minutes.

It states you need to give it 24 hours to fully charge but that will enable you to use the toothbrush for about 2 weeks of regular brushing. I know my husband and I have both been using for the last week with no problems.

this toothbrush was amazing. Nothing like any of the brushes I have used in the past. It was like I just came home from a cleaning. I love, love , love it.
I recommend anyone to get this toothbrush. It is well worth the money, and its not one of the high priced ones.

I received this brush at a discount. available from Amazon at:



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