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I have recently started using the Vitamin C 20% serum in combination with the Glycol Acid Cream 10% as a moisturizer, twice a day mornings and evenings. I have sensitive skin and I am VERY pleased that the products don’t make me break out at all.  I am pale and sun damage is an issue – I can see a real improvement in skin tone. I am very happy and pleasantly surprised.
The cream is lightweight and pleasant. Will definitely purchase again.


Really good product. Makes my face feel super clean


Really good product. Makes my face feel super clean. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now. I have mature, sensitive, dry skin with acne in my t-zone. It has helped clear up my chin. I love that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It glides on smoothly and rinses off easily. I follow up with their moisturizer which I also like very much. It is packaged and travels well. I got this product at a discount.

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I love this Product

I became obsessed with trying different beauty products. Not all products with good reviews are actually good. So I keep ordering more products hoping to find a good one. Recently I ordered InstaNatural Youth Express Night Cream. and was pleasantly surprised. It makes my skin very soft and hydrated. I started using it twice a day on my face and neck. I love this product! My skin is smoother and more refreshed. I’ve noticed a healthy glow after just a few days! Love love love!. I got this product at a discount but I will certainly purchase it again.

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Works! I love it


I choose to wear less make-up sometimes and go a bit more natural, one thing I wanted to do was grow out my lashes and brows. Let me just say this will make your brows grow like crazy well for me it did but for lashes it took a bit more time but after 3 weeks other people noticed how long my lashes were getting! I only curl them but the also began getting thicker and darker after a month. They only con of this if it getting in your eye it can be very irritating my eye tend to water whenever I yawn. Overall I believe this does work but you have to stick to it every night and I think it really helps.

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Lift your spirits naturally.

This Rose Water Toner truly works!  I am a woman of a certain age with very fair, Scots/Irish skin. I’m allergic to almost everything, including the “food-grade” preservatives in baby skin care products. Finding facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that work can be agonizing. Imagine my delight when I noticed that this rose water cools potential hot spots, reduces sun damage and those tiny broken capillaries? I’m finding it to be incredibly soothing, and I have fewer rashes and more even coloration, which is ideal because I don’t wear make-up or foundation.

I totally love this stuff! I’ve “gifted” it to my sister and friends. It’s also a wonderful addition to my little aromatherapy vaporizer, given the price of pure rose essential oil.

Try it; you’ll be amazed by how different your skin looks and feels. I try to always drop about 12 years off my age, but now people are guessing even younger! And that is priceless ; -)

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I am already in love with this phone case

I really like this #Alisten case! It shows off the rose gold phone and has nice rose gold side detail. I have not dropped it.. yet… but I feel like the case would protect the phone if dropped. I can’t fit my car charger through the case to charge my phone but the regular charging cord works just fine. I think it compliments the beauty of the iPhone!

I received this item at a discount, it is available in Amazon at: at a acery reasonable price.


Delicious and pure

I love cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils, they always taste great! They are high quality and are known to lower “bad” cholesterol, lower high blood pressure and has been associated with lower risk of certain cancers, including, breast, colon, prostate, and more!

I have a favorite EVOO that is also cold pressed – use it for everything – from cooking to dipping and even cosmetic (it’s a great toner/moisturizer, a 2-in-1!). It’s a very thick oil too so although it tastes great and I use it for everything doesn’t mean it actually WORKED well for everything.

The minute you open the bottle your nostrils are enveloped in the most rich olive oil aroma known to man. It’s exactly what I picture a stroll through an Olive Oil farm would smell. Mmmm, olive-y!

It pours out like velvet, I’ve had some EVOO that you barely tip and it’s like a flood wave attacking my food but the pour spout included definitely does the trick! Now for the important part – the taste – I have to say that the smell is stronger than it’s taste, however, the quality is unarguably high. My mom tasted it more than I did (to be fair I just had chocolate before diving in LOLZ). I like that it isn’t overbearing and blended well with my salt and pepper – I like to play Macaroni Grill at home and dip my bread :).

All in all, I will definitely be buying more. Especially since my mom refuses to cook with it – she wants to savor it by only using it on tomato salads apparently lolz.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil in exchange for my honest & unbiased review. My review is based solely on my experience with this product and not influenced in any matter by receiving a discount.


Cleans well without streaks – 30% coupon attached

I have tried several other cleaners who claim the same things that Black diamond hardwood cleaner and laminate will do , but they either leave the floor streaky or don’t work at all.

Black Diamond is simple to use. Once you have vaccuumed or swept, just spray on and then dry mop (I use a Vileda or similar mop for the best results). The floors are extremely clean (really, you could eat off them) and depending on the finish on your floor, they will really shine. I have used this product on a high gloss finished floor and now with a satin finish floor and the results are equally good. Clean, clean, clean.

No fuss, no mess, no water, no scrubbing, no wax. You will wash your floors every day because it is so simple. We have a busy home with two dogs running in and out and my floors are spotless thank to Bruce floor cleaner. Buy this product, you won’t regret it!

Cleans well, when you need something more than a damp microfiber mop/cloth.

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this is a steal, I highly recommend it

I received this product at a discount, but all opinions are my own.  Available from Amazon at :