Slim, Compact , Stylish, Excellent

Great magnetic car mount! Available from: After trying it for two weeks, I have come to love the simplistic concept and convenience. All I need to do is drop my phone on my vent and go. The magnet is very strong and the metal card isn’t even noticeable. I love it so far, but there are a few things I have to say about the WizGear magnetic mount after a couple weeks of using it:

First, a helpful tip I learned is to place the inside metal plate in a vertical position in your case. I’ve attached a photo to demonstrate the position. After a few trips in the car, I figured out this position of the plate puts your phone in the most table position for your phone because it uses the entire plate ad leverage against your phone. With this way, your phone is less likely to swing upon the mount, or fall.

Second, for an iPhone Plus or another larger phone like the Note, this product will hold it, but it can be less stable in your car depending on your case thickness and material. For instance, the piece that attaches to your vent has a matte rubber finish that works best with some cases(like a plastic, rubber, or thin cases) and not with others(like a thick case, or a cloth material like leather).

Third, if your case is too thick you can use a rubber adhesive card holder and place your adhesive metal plate in it to stick closer to the magnet. However, make sure you don’t use any cards in this with it because the magnet will erase them. I found these card holders free at my college and can be found for less than a dollar in any department store.

Overall, this is a very convenient and quality product that does what it says it does. If this review was helpful, let me know with a helpful vote.



Easy to Use, I love it.

The simplicity of this is what I was looking for. I bought this from to help with my blueberry plants (really hoping they survive the winter). They started off great, then started struggling around August of 2017. The disposable pH strips are spendy when you have multiple plants and a large yard like I do.

I have not used this in the soil yet because there’s a ton of snow on top of it! I can edit this review come spring when I can test this.

However, this item appears well made. The metal probes are not as heavy as you’d assume, but really you shouldn’t be trying to force this into very hard soil in the first place. You have to hold it steady, as the needle will move a bit if you shake the meter.

The three features are moisture – helpful when growing a fruit that likes to dry between waters. We had a drought last summer and I wish I’d had this then!

Light – if you’re unsure if the area you want to plant has adequate sunlight, this is ideal.

Soil pH – usually you can find disposable pH strips. This eliminates that cost and waste. You’ll be able to tell if you need a soil acidifier for acid loving plants (like blueberries).



I Wish I’d had this super handy device earlier! Makes difficult and complex cuts so much easier to do!

Available from Amazon at:
A few simple measurements, then use this for the exact shape or angle.
A must for any woodworker, and useful for metal work as well!
This is an ingenious product.

Amazon Description:

  • VAUL PACK] WE HAVE EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR! You can get 1pcs Angle Ruller + 1pcs Protractor Angle Finder+ 1pcs Extra long Measuring tape in 3Meter(118″) comes with the original package, they are very useful and valuable. Saving you time, effort & money!
  • [MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS] This Easy angle ruler can lock any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications. Great for Hanging Tile,Laying Floors,Cutting Stone,Measuring all angles and forms , use it to mark the floor tiles, brick, wood, laminate, metal and more! and any DIY Projects. Perfect for Handymen, Builders, Craftsmen, DIY-ers, Architect, Engineer Designer.
  • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC]: IMPROVED METAL KNOBS AND METAL BOLTS make the Measuring Angle Ruler more durable,there is 1pcs extra screw for you if you accidentally lose a screw. And the ABS PLASTIC ruler made of Fiberglass filled nylon and make the Angle-izer durable for any job and industry. Durable and Portable.
  • [EASY TO USE]: Just pull on the Multifunctional angle template tool to what ever shapes or angles you needed, then tighten the screws.The Angle-izer folds for easy storage and utilizes a unique tightening mechanism for one-handed operation. Portable and lightweight, take the Angle-izer on the go to any job site.

Condiments all in one place, outstanding!

Very useful condiment organizer, available at having the area below for ice to keep them cool makes me a lot more comfortable leaving it out for my guests without worrying that something might spoil or get to warm and taste off (as many condiments do when they are at warmer temperatures).
Great piece to have if you host medium to large parties/get-togethers and serve food that requires condiments.

Description from Amazon:

  • VERSATILE AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – For longevity and effortless usage, the Gracie’s Goods chilled condiment server features a durable acrylic construction. The plastic of the condiment server is easy to clean as well, making it ideal for holding and transporting chilled sauces and salad dressings. The four removable compartments of this tray make serving sides and sauces with your meal easy.
  • FUNCTIONAL ICE CHAMBER AND LID COVER – Fill the deep, bottom chamber with crushed or cubed ice and let this server take care of your favorite salad fixings, veggies, fruit and garnishes keeping them fresh and tasty for the life of your party. The condiments organizer’s lid helps keep out air and bugs to preserve your goodies for a more enjoyable outdoor eating.
  • FOOD GRADE BPA-FREE MATERIALS – The Gracie’s Goods Chilled Condiment Server is BPA-free and non-toxic which ensures you enjoy food safely without the harmful effects of chemicals. It also comes with skid resistant rubber feet to protect tabletops during your indoor and outdoor food delights.
  • PERFECT GIFT ITEM – Our server is an exquisite gift item, it can be classically packaged for different occasions and celebrations as a gift. Buying this condiments server for your friends will make them very happy. A fun and unique way to say congratulations to new parents or newlyweds.


I received this mini speaker free for reviewing purposes.  I thought this was so cute and small before I got it.  I was surprised at how loud it was once I got to try it.  I went for a walk with my son at night with it in my pocket and had to turn it down so it would not be to loud. Granted I don’t live in a busy city like Dallas, just a typical quiet neighborhood.  I don’t like to wear headphones in certain situations, like when I want to be able to hear someone else talk to me.  This is perfect for a one to two person walk or packing in your luggage for quick background music in a hotel room.

It sounds better than a lot of laptop speakers and is a step up in quality from my iPhone speaker.  It can easily go from room to room with you. It feels like it’s made out of metal, maybe aluminum? It feels fairly solid and heavy for it’s size.  I would imagine it’s hard to crush or damage.  It easily paired with my iPhone and iPad and charges with a micro USB cable that’s included.  It will let you answer your phone calls with it’s built in mic. The bell sound it makes when you turn it on is surprisingly loud.  Odds are you will know if it accidentally turn it on in your purse or pocket.  It flashes a tiny blue light on the bottom when it’s on, but it doesn’t show up from underneath unless you turn it upside down. It still won’t “glow” even if it’s upside down.  This is a great thing for me, because I’ve learned blue lights don’t let me sleep.  Voices are clear and you can turn it up fairly loud without distortion.  I think this makes an awesome stocking stuffer or a small gift that could be given on it’s own or with a gift card. It performs better than it looks like it would or should in my opinion.
Available from:

+Small.. 1 1/2 inches high, a little over 1 inch wide
+Sturdy/not easily crushed
+Nice Push Power Button (recessed enough it will be hard to accidentally turn on)
+Voices/Highs are it’s strength
+Wrist strap
+Loud bell sound when it turns on, -Don’t take it fishing or turn it on in a meeting, LOL
+Can use it with a selfie stick
+Micro USB cable included
+Plays around 2 1/2 hours of music
+Works like a push button remote for photos. Press power button in bluetooth mode when you take a picture.


I REALLY like this speaker a LOT

Had this speaker for a few days now from Amazon: and so far I’m rather impressed.  The speaker is really really good for the size. It works for bluetooth, fm radio, and I use the mini sd slot so I can have my own songs on it.  Battery lasts, as I charged it the day I got it and it’s still going strong. Took a bit of figuring out for the controls, but its easy once you get it down.

The only thing I could ask for more would be a way to see skip across songs/channels faster.  The little strap will come loose on one side if you pull on it enough but you can pop it right back on again.

The instructions leave a little to be desired, but it’s relatively easy to use.  It seems to have onboard radio capability but I haven’t really tried that yet beyond accidentally discovering it.

Most Bluetooth speakers have horrible sound quality as far as I’m concerned.  For what these cost, the quality is outstanding, both in build and in sound, and they outperform speakers that cost much more — so I give it five stars.

Look forward to taking it out and seeing how it does with hiking and traveling.

Great economical way to repel birds

Received the tape as described. Tape is very sturdy. I attached it to my bushes it is very easy to use and so far so good with keeping the birds away from our large living room windows. The roll of bird blinder tape arrived very quickly and was securely packaged. Highly recommend this vendor!

This scare tape is my last attempt before cutting the bushes down. So far, it has kept them away for several days, so I am very happy! I think I may have finally found my answer.

Available from Amazon at

We also have a plum tree that the birds always steal the fruit off and we never get to enjoy. I’m very excited to see what they will do next year with this tape distracting them. We also have neighbors who have a tree that the birds just love to hang out in but I hate it when they land in our yard and make a mess. I’ve hung this tape where they tent to hang out and haven’t seen one of those little devils since. I am impressed. I will definitely keep This tape on hand for the spring when the birds come back and try to make their home. A bird free yard is in my future thanks to the reflective bird repellent tape

Great for resistance training, easy to use.

I got this Running Chute Power for my daughter for soccer training. Easy to use.  I have tried it myself and it seem to add a lot of  resistance for a 125 lb female.   Although it is extremely likely that I can’t run fast enough but I felt the resistance!

You have to keep a constant speed in order to keep parachute flying. If your speed varies constantly there is fair amount of chance that the parachute will be dragged on ground
Direction of the wind
The second most important factor while using the parachute, try running into the wind to gain maximum resistance. Running with the direction of ring will not help.
you can also change the position of parachute from your waist to your chest in order to gain maximum resistance by the help of adjustable belt. In short the product is very good in terms of quality and in terms of use. I am here on the behalf of my all friends who are using it in group will rate it at five stars. Thanks for the product. Hope you will find it helpful.”

This training parachute is great for the price! Works well for resistance training. The quality as great! Love it and would recommend to everyone.

Available from Amazon at



Adorable! Great Socks

The socks look just like the picture.  Delivery was on time.  They are cute and perfect as a Christmas gift.

The quality and design are perfect! The design makes them look a little like very thick thermal socks but they are a medium weight which is perfect! With a fun saying and design like this I would not have wanted to only wear them during a snow storm! The cute gift box is an adorable bonus

Can’t wait to give them to my daughter!

Available from Amazon at

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I don’t like giving people bad feedback, but in the hopes I can spare others a disappointing purchase, I decided to leave a review.

available from Amazon:

I tried to set it up in my backyard, the tent was impossible to setup with one person as the legs were really hard to install and the structure of the frame was so wobbly we were afraid after the first leg went on that it would twist and disintegrate as we tried to carefully get the others on. The tent poles were so cheap that the tubes wouldn’t stay together during assembly and two cords broke as we were taking it down the first time. More than half the stakes bent going into the ground.

I suppose it’s possible I’ve been spoiled with really good camping gear my whole life, but I’ve been involved in setting up tents for more than 34 years and have never had a stake bend nor a pole come apart – including poles for tents I had ten years or more. I hate to break it to the manufacturers, but I think his one needs to go back to the drawing board unless it was intended as a one-use tent.