So much better than whitening strips

I got this teeth whitening last week from Amazon : and gave it to my daughter to try it right when she got home. My daughter been struggling for a long time with yellowed teeth, not ever wanting to smile showing her teeth for pictures or in conversation. It’s stressful to be thinking about it everyday in many situations!

I researched this quite a bit and was somewhat skeptical as to whether or not people get noticeable changes after the first use though she is patient enough to try it a few times and wait for results. However! First time using it and big difference! Though she is not exactly excited to show what my teeth looked like to begin with if you’re here reading this then you’re on a need to know basis and would benefit (hopefully!).

She is very excited to use this twice a day and seeing the first time results is extremely encouraging.  The taste is nothing and yes it’s gritty but it’s charcoal people! Awesome product!!


My Teeth



Works out well, great purchase!!

This car seat cushion is definitely a quality purchase. It is very well made and thoughtfully put together. As soon I got it, I installed it in my car. Whilst I love the quality I do not like the color very much. Very easy to install…though I don’t quite understand the velcro straps (which seem to be optional). It seems to protect well…though only time will tell.

I have three kids and in the last ten years I’ve bought a variety of seat protectors for each kid. The things that set this apart from the others:

* The simple but appealing design. It appears to be thin, durable, protective without being too bulky or too small. Other very similar ones seemed cheaper quality-wise or didn’t have the right amount of coverage.

* The fact that I can buckle the top part around the headrest. I thought I wouldn’t need a protector on the back of the seat once I switched to a booster seat because it didn’t have the high back part. BUT the kids still come into the car dirty all over, not just their shoes and pants. My kids roll around on the ground, slip and fall into mud, get paint and food on their shirts/coats, etc. That buckle around the headrest ensures that the backseat piece doesn’t fall down or slide to the side, keeping the seats clean when the top halves of the kids are not.

* The material seems easy to clean. I thought that the rubbery ones or the soft nylon ones would be the easiest to clean with a Clorox wipe, but they’re not. More simple, rugged fabric like this one is made from is actually easier to clean and protect liquid from running off the side before you can wipe it up.

* The pics other customers uploaded confirmed that the item looked exactly as pictured in real people’s cars. Often the professional pic looks much nicer than the version in-person.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I would’ve preferred that the back be another inch or two higher (I have a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Ultimate), but I realize that it’s made to be universal in size to fit a variety of different cars so I can’t really complain about that.

Otherwise, I’m extremely pleased and this is my favorite seat protector by far. If you don’t want to waste a bunch of money trying to find the best carseat protector that lasts through different transitions *and* phases that the kids go through, get this one. Now that I see how it works with and without my son in his booster seat, I’m going to get another to replace my former favorite (the 2-piece rubbery Prince Lionheart one) under my daughter’s carseat.

Thanks for making a great product!

Dries and absorbs water really well

Great product.  The product is even better than what I expected. So far, I have only used the towel for workouts.
The towel absorbs so much perspiration that I hardly feel as if I need to wash my face after the workout. Additionally, the towel does not become sopping wet like the cotton bulky towels I used before. It can be dried completely within about 6-7 hours.
This package come with two pieces, I took small to company for some random use when needed. The hand towel is perfect size!

Love love love this kit! The mat was think snd the towels are excellent quality. I love the bag that helps keep everything in one place, great for travel.

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Pretty Much Satisfied!

This is awesome!  Expands and shrinks very well. I’ve been using this almost everyday and it has been dragged through driveway very frequently. So far there is no leak which is a big plus since the last one I’ve had from the big box store leaked after just a couple of uses. The nozzle that came with the hose is way better than I expected!

Highly recommended. No more ugly hose laying around, just use and store, Good quality at a great price.
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Great Case for the iPhone 8 Plus!!


This is a fantastic phone case with bumpers.  I got this case for my new iPhone 8 Plus, but of course it will also work for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus. Overall I really like the quality of the case and the look of it. It provides a decent amount of protection for my 8 Plus without adding a ton of bulk. I’ve had the case for about 2 weeks now, and here are my thoughts so far:


+ the case is fairly easy to put on and take off, but the phone stays in the case with no problem.

+ The case openings are all in the right spot, and the buttons have a nice feel and are easy to find.

This case is simple, protective, and stylish. I would recommend.

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Pretty Yellow Glow Light Bulbs with Unique Antique Vibe

I totally love these vintage looking lightbulbs. this box comes with 6 lightbulbs and they will last many many hours.  one out of six was broken, but I still love the vibe and look these bulbs will create.  They last approximately 30,000 hours. my husband like it very much and he said this is the new design of the lightbulb, so he decided to change all the lightbulbs in our home to his style.  Now a lot of my neighbor passed by my house, they compliment on my light. very nice, charming and warm looking. I don’t know how to express my feeling, but I just like it very much and the price is very reasonable.

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Knocks it out of the park


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Love it…. Amazing case with a great idea to be have a strong flash light that can attach to it to improve night photography.  This device holds a good amount of charge, the dual LED emits a very bright and useful spread of light evenly. The LEDS are positioned slightly offset from it’s reflector.

This FirePak is such an amazing quality product. It’s incredibly sturdy and super easy to use.

Note: I received this product for free or at a significant discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This review is entirely based on my honest assessment and opinion after using the product and not influenced in any way by receiving a discount. All opinions are my own.

#firepak #surefire #surefirelifestyle #iPhone

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#magnifyingglass This a pretty good #magnifyingglass and it’s optically quite good (clear, sharp image–and I’m a picky photographer), but it’s not quite as powerful as I was hoping it might be. That’s not a flaw or anything, just an observation (partly of how old I’m getting, lol). It is strong, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to tiny labels I things, I need more help. The light is a good idea and helps quite a bit–it’s very bright and the batteries are very convenient to change even someone with limited hand mobility could change them I think.

Also, I’d forgotten that when I use a magnifying glass I pretty much have to look through one eye (left) and close the other. I find it a little bit annoying, but again, that’s just me, it’s no reflection on the product at all. I will say this has come in handy quite a few times and I’m glad that I bought it, but I think I’ll look for a larger and slightly stronger version and use them both as needed.

The extra little 45x glass is not particularly useful so I rarely use it. If you absolutely had to see something tiny, I suppose it would be a help.

Overall, it’s very nicely made and better than what I’ve seen locally in stores and that light makes it worth the price. Buy two if you can, these have a habit of wandering to another room when you’re not looking.

I received a discount in exchange for my honest review. I leave honest reviews regardless of whether I paid full price for an item or received it for a discount.

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Takes Out the Hair from the Roots


This item was completely new to me. So, I had to try it out for myself. The wand itself is a coiled spring attached to hard plastic ends. I first had to practice with this wand in order to get use to it and get maximum results. I like using this wand when I’m watching a movie or a video. It eases the pain when your distracting yourself. This wand does not pinch your skin which I was afraid of. It also doesn’t irritate your skin. It doesn’t make your skin red like plucking or waxing. It’s only job is to remove the hairs from the root. You can see your results after one roll on your skin. To remove the hairs off of the wand I pull the wand ends to where you can see the springs stretching and I just blow the hairs out. I know the company has a video about removing the hairs and how to use the wand but this is the way I do it. This wand is my favorite tool to remove hairs from my face. I don’t have to keep buying facial razors, tweezers, facial wax or hair removal cream for my face. So far, this is the best investment I have made for my face.

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Buy this!

I have recently started using the Vitamin C 20% serum in combination with the Glycol Acid Cream 10% as a moisturizer, twice a day mornings and evenings. I have sensitive skin and I am VERY pleased that the products don’t make me break out at all.  I am pale and sun damage is an issue – I can see a real improvement in skin tone. I am very happy and pleasantly surprised.
The cream is lightweight and pleasant. Will definitely purchase again.