Good Knee Wrap

This pair of #SportsKneeWraps is very nicely made.  They are for wrapping around the knees, so when I do power lifting and squatting, I have more confidence on my knees. I feel like that I can do more weights or at least my legs are more stable when I am standing up.  I like the color.  Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and it is well worth the five stars rating!

To sum up, I listed some Pros and Cons below.
1. Very well made product with quality materials.
2. The product price is very reasonable.
3. Very secure on knees

1. None so Far

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Heavenly chocolate

#BouchardChocolate are Amazing.  If it is possible to fall madly in love with a box of chocolates, then the assortment is the perfect place to start such an adventure.  When you taste these chocolates, your taste buds will also finally know true chocolate happiness. Whether you try one of these with a cup of coffee or tea or enjoy one as a daily indulgence, these will impress.

Seriously it does not get any better than this when it comes to chocolate.

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Quality control problem


I like the ease of use of this #TensUnit010! If you are going to sit in a chair and use this unit, you will like it. If you are going to clip it to your belt and walk around, be ready for an unexpected jolt from hell if you bump the rollers.

My husband’s shoulder pain is helped by the device. While my aches and pains are not muscle, but due to osteoporosis, I don’t get as much benefit, but the massage setting on my lower back sure feels good. Like having a tiny little Swedish masseuse.

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Depends on what you need

Make sure you read this before buying this #headset. First off the shipment came on time, second is the most important these headphones are not for xbox one and ps4 unless you add components; let me explain everything headphones need power which the USB will provide, but there are two other wire connections along with USB that give you no room to hook up, so where one wire goes so does the next furthermore to use this properly you need a long USB extender
(Male to female) and speaker and headphones splitter, usb external with the USB goes into the xbox and the splitter hooked up to the headphone and speaker cords now you are good to go…those two item will cost an extra 15-20 bucks including shipping&handling. Third the sound quality is 5 out of 5, the noise cancellation is solid 4 out of 5, and the comfort is excellent 5 out of 5… 4 out of 5 overall, would have been 5 if I didn’t have to buy extra items

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Good strap set !

I really like these tendon straps from #_GYMLIFEFITNESS I received at a discount. They very comfortable and really do help. They don’t slide off or itch in any way, which is a problem I have had before. I tried them both out the day I got them, and found that I only really needed the one, so I gave the other to my brother, who has a very bad knee. He LOVES it.  I really like that they can be used for either knee. There is no “Left/Right” which is very useful. I wore mine all day yesterday (10 hours) to work in, and I noticed my knee felt pretty good after I took it off at home. It is usually much more sore.

Pretty impressed with this product and getting two in the package makes it twice as nice. If you are having any knee issues, give this a try!


Works Well

These knee braces from #GYMLIFEFITNESS are study, supportive, and easily adjustable. The braces go under the knee cap to give the user additional support. To test these braces, I walked a 5K. My knees normally hurt and ache when I walk extended distances, so I figured this would be a good time to put the braces to the test.

These braces were easy to put on, stayed in place the whole walk, and offered a surprising amount of support on my walk. My knees felt cushioned and walking was not painful – at all – during my 5K. I’ve used other knee braces that enclosed the whole kneecap – the braces were itchy, did not stay in place, and were difficult to take on and off.

I look forward to using these knee braces in the future when I exercise or am on my feet for long periods of time.

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Great item, love it!

#promotion – This was just lovely, I was honestly surprised considering the price. This runner is very attractive and a nice accent for dining room furniture and fit. I use it as a runner on our family’s nature table, which is right by the table where we eat all our meals, so we see it constantly.

The material is really nice and heat resistance, It will add elegant to your dining room set. I would highly recommend these runners.

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Nice Strong Strap for Swing

This #SwingStraps is exactly what I needed to extend my swing. I hung my swing from about a 12′ high branch. Worked like a charm.

Nice strong strap
Hardware is very good quality

I like how there is a loop sewn at one end, it makes it really easy to use. Find a sturdy branch to use and place the loop over the branch and slide the carabiner end down through the loop, pull tightly, and the strap is now hanging from the tree waiting for a swing to be hung from the carabiner. The part that actually takes the most is finding the ladder to help get the strap on to the tall branch.

I received this set at a discount.

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Very sturdy and good material.

I bought this #swing to hang a super spinner swing from my backyard tree. The material is very durable and is like a seat belt material. It’s amazing and I love the sturdiness and it make me feel better knowing the swing is secure. I bought 10ft and didn’t realize I only needed the 4ft, but my brother just wrapped it around 3 times making it even sturdier. I will add more pictures. The swing held me just fine and my brother put most of his weight on it as well. Very sturdy and good material. My 6 yr old isn’t concerned with safety, but I am.

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Excellent quality

I really like these #ProSyner Professional Quality Bypass Pruning Shears.  My husband and I have a really stubborn rose bush out in the front yard that has been growing a little out of control.  I was looking for some pruning shears that we could use to fully trim the bush before the winter hits. When these arrived, I was happy that these have a very non-slip grip to them. The blades are really sharp on these and these were oiled well when they arrived. My husband was able to use these over the weekend to trim up the rose bush and it looks SO much better. These did great with cutting through the small to medium sized overgrowth on the bush and they seemed to cut through on the first attempt. My husband’s hand nor wrist wore out after using these since he didn’t have to work too hard at trimming his intended branches. These were easy to wipe clean and lock back into a close position to store them away. These are comfortable for my husband’s larger hands and my smaller hands the blade seems stronger than any of the other similar pruning shears that we have used. This was a good find and if I need to, I will post any updates here. I was (very kindly) sent this product at a discount.

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