Product Review – IPhone 7 Case

Product Review – #IPhone7 Case

I was actually shocked at how well made this case is. I was not expecting it to be as great as it actually is. Something about it just makes it feel so right in my hands. It might just be my backup case for my iPhone 7 (when I get it).  I have tested it out on my iPhone 6 for about 2 days, and am now going to list the pros and cons of this case.

– Feels very soft to touch.
– Almost feels like real leather, even though it is rubber.
– Sleek black design looks nice.
– Very slim and form fitting.
– The cutout holes are all well cut and I can not see any manufacturing defects.
– The front lip does not hinder edge to edge swiping in apps on iOS.
– Provides adequate protection from small drops and scratches to the back of the phone.
– Pairs nicely with a tempered glass screen protector (I use a spigen one).
– Soft inside keeps the back of the phone from getting scratched and also provides a little bit of extra cushion.
– Goes in and out of jean pockets easily.

– It isn’t made out of real leather.
– The sleek design can get a bit slippery when holding, but not as slippery as the bare iPhone 6/7’s aluminum chassis.

Overall, great case
Lastly, I must say that I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Do not take that to mean that I lie about my reviews or I falsify them in any way. I leave very honest and truthful reviews of all the products I buy, regardless of any discount or pricing.



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